Buff Monster – New Mural in Jersey City, NJ

The one and only Buff Monster recently made his way out to New Jersey where he crushed a massive new mural in New Jersey. Painted for the Mana Urban Arts Project which was established in 2014 and is a contemporary art project devoted to large-scale, site-specific installations by renowned street artists from around the world. More info and images after the jump!


The finished shot of Buff Monster’s newest mural, The Seven Heavenly Virtues. A few months ago, Buff painted The Seven Deadly Sins in Montreal; this is the lesser known opposite set of characteristics, originally written about by Aristotle and Plato. This is, by far, the largest mural he’s ever painted (He’s in there for scale!). This is Buff’s first mural in Jersey City, and he’s happy to be on the same building that Shepard Fairey, COST and Nychos painted recently (there’s even still KAWS tags on it from when he was in high school). You can see the mural from the highway near the Holland Tunnel. It took 18 gallons of house paint just to prime it pink, and about 200 cans of spray paint to complete. Thanks to Mana Urban Arts Project for the space and equipment.




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