UPEA Street Art Festival 2016 [Recap]

The first annual UPEA Street Art Festival has been successfully completed. UPEA16 invited artists from all around the world to create nine large scale murals in seven different Finnish cities. Together the pieces form an imposing and versatile series of walls that includes the largest murals ever seen in Finland. More info and images after the jump!

Andrew Hem (photo: Alexander Horn)

UPEA16 Street Art Festival selected some of the most prominent artists from the street art scene in Finland and established names from abroad. UPEA16 artists and cities are: Andrew Hem (USA) in Vaasa, Arsek & Erase (BUL) in Turku, Graffitisthlm (SWE) in Helsinki, Guido van Helten (AUS) in Helsinki, Kim Somervuori & Teemu Mäenpää (FIN) in Hyvinkää and Hämeenlinna, Ola Kalnins (SWE) in Riihimäki, Tellas (ITA) in Helsinki and WD (GRE) in Kemi.

Wild Drawing

UPEA is a unique addition to Finland’s festival scene. Large scale mural art is something that is still rarely seen in Finnish cities. UPEA16 is the first nationwide street art festival – and also the first project to invite international muralists – which makes UPEA16 by far the biggest street art event in the country.

Arsek Erase (photo: Teodor Peevski)

UPEA Street Art Festival is organized by the street art association Katutaideyhdistys Päävärit ry.



Facebook: @katutaide facebook.com/katutaide

Instagram: @katutaide instagram.com/katutaide

Twitter: @katutaide twitter.com/katutaide

Hastag: #UPEA16

Tella (photo Liisa Orupold)

Graffitisthlm (photo: Liisa Orupold)

Guido Van Helten

Teemu Maenpaa & Kim Somervuori (photo: Tomi Salakari)

Teemu Maenpaa & Kim Somervuori (photo: Tomi Salakar

Ola Kalnins (photo: Tomi Salakari)

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