Real Time Web Series: Episode 7- Frost 45 IK

Our main man Frost45 recently took part in the awesome new video podcast The Real Time Web Series created by graffiti artist Berst1. The Real Time Web Series is an in-depth process video meets podcast. It features past and present graffiti writers from New Zealand and abroad. The series presents the writers real time working process from start to finish accompanied by a narration of answers to questions that have been created by an online audience.


Film & Edit: Berst GBAK TMD @Berst_1
Episode 7 Artist: Frost45 IK @Frostfortyfive
Music: CARL @nwndthn- Transmit, Transfer, Totality, Threat Thieves, Signal Movement, Shift Work, Secrets, Satori, Particle Charge, Matter, Jungleist Tide, Introducing, Interlude to the Depth Perception, Human Eyes, Flow, Eternal East, District 4102, Distal Means, Depth and Perception, Alizarin, Vibe Tracks- TFB3, Silent Partner- Slow Shock, Kevin MacLeod- Ahah Cephalopod, MK2- Cold Step, Silent Partner- Dark Step, MK2- The Darkness.

Contributors: @_joshuabeach_, @greatwhite747, @trillywesbds, @soisnt, @lettersonrectangles, @rmshlv, @ikskiwt, @yo_bmahoe, @comefrubouthalfhourago, @siderous, @ironlak, @maori_archer, @_westernleader_, @ridgeymccaw, @nziegram, @adriandominic, @space_is_the_place, @gbus0, @kingkongy, @deff_ears_ @ogdrinkz, @chemsgraff, @bizarrebeyondbelief, Garreth Steiner, Dario Treunotre, Chatruce Yakas, Crème Manuel, Deow Owen, Kyle Sil, Jah Mclean, As Lozlyn, Robbie Kaiawe, Blair Raymond Sanders, Bayley Yates, Zyle Penno, and Ironlak Sugar.

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