Bloop Festival (Ibiza) – Image Recap

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival is legion. One more time, this free celebration dedicated to people and arts spread across the party island, Ibiza. The 2016 edition showcased more than 20 murals (of which 6 were new) called the OpenAir.Gallery, 7 interdisciplinary expositions, workshops for children, almost daily sunset music sessions, guerilla video mappings, an open air poster exposition, installation bombings, sculptures, an outdoor food court, and more. All activities were curated by one single denominator “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”. More images and information after the jump!


For the past 6 editions, BLOOP has focused on street art, a comprehensible discipline among the young generation as the main language, to disseminate each year`s theme to a wider audience. For the 2016 edition, artists from Spain, Italy, Uruguay, UK, Mexico, Ukraine, Japan, Greece dedicated their art to make people to “think” on social issues on the theme, NO FEAR.


(Video of LO SPINO`s video mapping installation A Litany Against Fear)

The 6th edition of avant-garde art started off with the decision by the local Sant Antoni government to censor a mural called Funk the Power by international famed artist INO. It portrayed a small hand resisting with the middle finger against a big hand that pointed imposingly. The piece was for the OpenAir.Gallery, a project to convert an entire island into an outdoor gallery open all year round, currently holds 23 murals and counting. Without prior notice to the festival, the institution released a press statement that the piece would be erased at the end of the event. Street Art is ephemeral and as INO stated in his social networks “you can erase a wall but not an idea”. After the censoring of the artwork and lack of communication on behalf of the local government, BLOOP officialised the discontinuation of collaboration with the Sant Antoni city council.


Meanwhile in Ibiza Town the waves of proactive art extended to the centre where Dalt Vila is located, the UNESCO registered human heritage. Tom Gallant`s laser cut wooden installations dressed the cloisters of the old City Council in enchanting shadows. Spaik from Mexico too left his mark on an old tunnel that connects the town and the sea with a mural of an eagle playing with optical illusions.


An old lighthouse was the BLOOP Headquarters showcasing a series of aesthetics based on 2016`s theme: NO FEAR. A video mapping installation by Lo Spino, inspired by Frank Herbert`s novel Litany Against Fear (play video above). The Installation was applied on a multi-layered surface, hallmark of video mapping`s pioneer Bill Viola. Silva Ramacci`s interdisciplinary installation, Rebeca Sánchez`s traditional sculpture against gender based violence, Pineapple Crocodile`s protest against the TTIP, and Dominio`s outdoor sculptures as homage to all refugees who undertake life threatening journeys in search of peace.


High res photos from here.
All courtesy of BLOOP Festival unless otherwise stated

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