Said Dokins – New Street Art Work

Said Dokins recently sent over a number of new street art pieces that he completed around the globe including France, Germany, Ecuador and Mexico. Peep some of the new science after the jump!

Said Dokins ‘Die verborgene Schrift’, 2016. IBUg Street Art Festival, Limbach Germany. Photo: Patrick Richter

DEL BARRIO / MI MERCED. 2017. 200 m2 mural by Lapiztola & Said Dokins. Mexico City. Photo: Leonardo Luna

Said Dokins, ‘Treatise of Borders’, Guayaquil, Ecuador for @Interactos 2016. Universidad de las Artes de Guayaquil @uartesec. Photo:Jimmy Rodríguez

Said Dokins Sun/Moon ‘Die verborgene Schrift’, 2016. Freiraumgaleriel, Halle, Germany. Photo: Leonardo Luna

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