Mear One & Nassim Haramein – “S E L F – S C I E N T I F I C” Print Release

MEAR ONE studios is thrilled to present our newest release, in collaboration with world-renowned physicist Nassim Haramein, Director of Research at Resonance Science Foundation. This 24×36″ fine art print is conveniently sized to fit a standard size frame. It is numbered in the bottom left hand corner alongside a unique graphic embellishment and signed in the bottom right hand corner by the artist. More info and images after the jump.


Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) specially designed by MEAR ONE for this occasion and signed by both MEAR & Haramein. Extra consideration was taken to incorporate a thoughtfully curated piece of writing about the artwork, directly inspired by the over 30 years of Haramein’s philosophical and scientific teachings on the new physics, consciousness, the holographic mind, and our collective evolution. You can explore Haramein’s most recent academic publications here. Read MEAR ONE’s personal statement about this collaboration here and for a closer look at this inspired masterpiece “Self-Scientific” click here.





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