Pangeaseed – “Seawalls” Miami, Florida 2017

Our good friends over at Pangeaseed recently unveiled their latest instalment of Seawalls: Murals for Oceans last week. This time around they went back to Miami, Florida where they teamed up with a number of incredible artists to paint with a purpose. See their latest activations along with artist statements after the jump.

Murals by Jose Mertz, Tatiana Suarez, Nicole Salgar / Photo by Diana Larrea / PangeaSeed Foundation 2017

Mural by Evoca / Photo by Tre Packard / PangeaSeed Foundation 2017

Evoca’s mural titled “HIGH TIDE” is a representation of the expected sea level rise caused by global warming that will have Miami under water. “Visualizing the rise in tides reminded me of the hurricane Katrina aftermath and all of the animals left stranded on the roofs of houses and cars. The dog on the car is a representation of our will to stay afloat and struggle to survive the changing times.” – Evoca

Mural by Jose Mertz / Photo by Diana Larrea / PangeaSeed Foundation 2017

We collaborated with Jose to create a special tribute mural for ocean brother Rob Stewart / @teamsharkwater. “I wanted to capture the strength, flow and power of the ocean by doing a monotone liniar piece that had no preconcived thought. The work is also a commemeration to the late Rob Stewart who selflessly dedicated his life to the ocean, its exploration,
educating others on its importance and saving misunderstood species, such as sharks, from extinction.” – Jose Mertz

Mural by Enrnesto Maranje / Photo by Diana Larrea / PangeaSeed Foundation 2017

Ernesto’s mural titled “WITH OR WITHOUT US” represents human actions and ignorance that could possible force many evolutionary adaptations in certain species. “I chose to use a very common bird species currently populating South Florida-Peacock-and illustrate how evolution would take its course and force this Bird to adapt to its water rising environment in order to survive. A form of symbiosis has taken place and now a sky creature was forced to merge with aquatic life. I believe these animals have what it takes to keep their species alive in a beautiful and harmonious way. I just hope we as a species become much more aware and not continue to move forward in ignorance. Our actions can affect many forms of life which were here long before we were and will most likely continue to survive.” – Ernesto Maranje

Mural by Nicole Salgar / Photo by Tre Packard / PangeaSeed Foundation 2017

Nicole’s mural portrays a businessman drowning in the ocean that could invade Miami Beach if we continue to ignore climate change. “The bills represent money lost that was invested in the area was not used to prevent this catastrophe. You can also see the iconic Art Deco architecture Miami Beach is known for submerged in the water. This could become a reality if we don’t get involved. Climate change is very real.” – Nicole Salgar

Mural by Tatiana Suarez / Photo by Diana Larrea / PangeaSeed Foundation 2017

Tatiana’s mural titled “SINK OR SWIM” focuses on climate change & the rising sea levels specifically it’s impact on her home town. “Unfortunately, politicians are turning a blind eye to these issues while Miami remains one of the more vulnerable costal cities to be affected by the rising seas. At this current pace, it’s forecasted that Miami will be submerged by the end of the century! My piece is inspired by pin-up artist Gil Elvgren — the girl is shown latched onto a palm tree and stranded in the ocean.” – Tatiana Suárez.

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