Laura Berger & Sarah Bowser – “Nobody, Everybody” @ Athen B. Gallery

Athen B. Gallery is excited to announce “Nobody, Everybody” a duo exhibition featuring the new works of Chicago’s Laura Berger and Oakland’s Sarah Bowser. This exhibition is compiled of paintings on panels, free standing ceramic sculptures, paper-cut/collages and paper sculptures.

Both Laura and Sarah will be present for the opening reception on March 11th at 7pm. We’re conveniently located just off both 12th and 19th Street Bart Stations in Downtown Oakland. To be added to the collectors preview being sent out this coming week contact More images and artist information after the jump.


Laura Berger

Artist Statement | My current work is centered around the ideas of inclusion and interconnectedness, featuring figurative imagery and dreamlike, minimalistic environments. I’m interested in our search for a sense of belonging and meaning as individuals, and how that both contrasts and combines with our existential concerns of feeling small or insignificant within the larger world. As my own family has grown smaller, much of my focus has been around exploring alternate notions of “family” and connection — through our ties to the global community and to our collective ancestry, to nature and to the unknown — and how this notion of settling into our basic shared human experience can serve as a base to inform and empower our personal identities, choices, and roles in life.

Bio | Laura is a visual artist living and working in Chicago. She has exhibited her paintings around the US and abroad, and also does editorial illustration work, murals, ceramic sculpture, and animation






Sarah Bowser

Artist Statement | The recurring theme in this body of work is anxiety; anxieties of being a woman, anxieties of leaving the house, anxieties about anxiety, etc. The interiors or ‘rooms’ depicted in this work represent the sense of safety and solace gained from retreating. Where vulnerability can be stashed neatly away, taking the form of a plant, chair or book. Inevitably, escapism becomes unsustainable. The seemingly trivial objects reflect the imperfect realities in the form of fallen flowers, spilling vessels and broken vases. Hidden in cheerful color palettes and domestic scenes lies the uncomfortable feeling of giving up control.

Bio | Sarah is an Oakland based artist with a focus in paper-cut/collage and paper sculpture.






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