Pangeaseed x Jeff Soto – “The Magic Message” Print Release

PangeaSeed is pleased to announce the latest print of the ongoing Sea of Change: The Year of Living Dangerously – Vol. 2 print suite by guest artist Jeff Soto (USA). The highlighted species of this edition is the endangered Goliath Grouper (Epinephelus Lanceolatus). More info and images after the jump!


Artist: Jeff Soto

Title: “The Magic Message”

Species: Goliath Grouper

Price: $100 plus shipping

Dimensions: 18×18 inches

Edition size: 50 hand embellished giclees with hand deckle edges

Printed by Paragon Press

Available Wednesday, March 1, 2017 from 12pm PST at

Artist statement:

“My love and respect for nature was instilled in me at a young age. My parents enjoyed the outdoors and took us camping as often as they could. As kids we explored the Santa Ana River which seemed a world away from our neighborhood street. This river in the desert was a place to look for hawks, coyotes, wild pigs, crawdad, tadpoles, and fish.. I was always interested in fish!!


The Magic Message is about the beauty and wonder of the natural world. It takes inspiration from multiple undersea and land creatures. The plant is part cacti and part coral, I was looking at undersea volcano tube worms and the white crabs that live there. The base, the vessel that is holding everything is the Goliath Grouper. I have always been interested in these enormous sea bass, as a kid I remember reading that they could grow as big as cars and swallow divers! They are now endangered by overfishing and human impact, as they are quite friendly and easy to spear or catch. They live long lives, reproduce slowly and need protection.”


A portion of the proceeds from the sales of each print go directly to support PangeaSeed’s ongoing efforts to help save our seas and threatened marine life via art and activism (ARTivism).

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.


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