Saner x Pangeaseed – “El portal de Itzamná” Print Release

PangeaSeed is pleased to announce the latest print of the ongoing Sea of Change: The Year of Living Dangerously – Vol. 3 print suite by guest artist Saner (Mexico). The highlighted species of this edition is the threatened Marine Iguana(Amblyrhynchus cristatus). More information about the piece and artist statement after the jump!

Artists: Saner (Mexico)

Title: “El portal de Itzamná”

Species: Marine Iguana

Price: $100 plus shipping

Dimensions: 16×20 inches

Edition size: 30 giclees signed / numbered

.5 inch border

Printed by Paragon Press

Available Thursday, March 9, 2017 from 12pm PST at

Artist statement:

I chose the marine iguana that clearly stands out as the only lizard on our planet with the ability to live under water and it has so many characteristics that make it unique in the world. This is the main reason I chose it; to make a tribute and aim to raise awareness about its beauty and seek for the preservation of the marine iguana, along all other marine species.

Doing some research about the ancient symbolism of the marine iguana, I stumbled upon the “Itzamná” (Maya) which symbolizes the lizard in the Dresden codex and is very popular in the Yucatecan Mayan culture and it means “Iguana’s House.” Itzamná has been identified as “Celestial Monster” in the Mayan art. Thus our contemporary version of this god symbolizes, in this illustration, the rebirth of this animal, which protects us and guides us to find our balance with nature and especially with the oceans and our spirit.

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