Ricard “Itsaliving” Gonzales – Krink Studio Visit

When it comes to lettering, calligraphy, typography or typeface design, only a very few do it like Ricardo “Itsaliving” Gonzales does it. He recently had a chance to connect with the good people at Krink Markers in their headquarter studio in NYC for a little fun session with some of their finest tools.

Ricardo has humble beginnings studying at the Mohawk Collage in Canada and working for as a screen printer in Ottawa for a couple of years where he fell in love with the medium of calligraphy. That passion grew to something quite serious almost an obsession. On that got him to work with some of the most influential brands and businesses on the face of the earth.

Whether it’s giants like Nike, Google and Coca Cola or more grass roots brands like Stussy, Vice and Krink, seems like everyone needs a piece of that Ricardo Gonzales magic. It ain’t hard to tell why just by observing what the man can do with a simple Krink K-32 marker. The steady had is something out of a Sci-Fi movie about the human printer with the alien brain. The precision is mind blowing and he makes it looks so damn easy with the Krink markers, it’s almost not fair.

You are dealing with class and elegance when you step in to Ricardo’s world. No matter how wild the chosen style he flips, it’s always very carefully executed with simplicity at its core but never overlooking the finer details.

When quality meets quality you get something extraordinary. New York makes a lot of that magic happen because it attracts the most driven and talented individuals from all over the world. So it makes sense that Ricardo settled in Brooklyn from where he currently crafts his jewels and blesses us with banger after banger whether it’s for pay or play. Just take a look at the guy’s IG, the man is a BEAST!

There was never a time in history where artists could tap in to an incredible amount of information and resources as well as have access to cutting edge tools, as we do today. This is really starting to reflect in to the new wave of progressive young artists who seem to be able to absorb decades of knowledge at an extremely fast pace. Creativity never had a bigger toolbox and treasure test and Ricardo uses both to be on the cutting edge of these ancient art forms of the future.
Photos courtesy of Craig Costello.

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