Kind Magz – Update Your City [Recap]

Our friends over at KIND MAGZ recently completed their incredible “Update Your City” street art festival and workshop event, which featured a variety of events including graffiti classes for children, exhibitions and live painting. More info and images after the jump!

The first day was opened with “Graffiti Class for Kids” located in KULIDAN KITCHEN. Approximately 40 kids (7-15 years old) have became the participants of this event. According to the mentor RHARHARHA and POETRY88, these kids have a strong enthusiasm about street art. For about 4 hours, they were taught about spray paint recognition to practice directly on the walls as the media.

On the second day, was the opening session of the exhibition titled “Street Myths” located in ALLCAPS GALLERY CANGGU. The exhibition was attended by several local artists ( 735ART, BOMBDALOVE, DNZTWO, EASYTIGER, HENIK, KINS, MARK, MUTASEIGHT, ROBERT VANDAL, SLINAT, TOCKIBE, SWOOFONE, UNKLEJOY, YAPSTWO and ZOLA ). In addition to the opening of the exhibition there was also a presentation of Street art in Bali that presented by RHARHARHA, CUBE, SLINAT and TOSCA. During the event was accompanied by the beat of DJR2K, 1ESCV, MOTB and KASET KULCHA. At the end of event has been punctuated by some local artists who perform Live painting on venue, they are POETRY88, FEEDESCHIENS, LITTLE BENI, ZANY and CUBE. At that night, approximately 500 visitors attended the opening of the exhibition.

At the last day of events was filled with collaboration between Graffiti and Mural artists. Located at DONKEY SKATE PARK KUTA, this location becomes a visual record for local Balinese artists who collaborate in Balinese local works. Such as GARUDA WISNU KENCANA, ULUN DANU TEMPLE, TANAH LOT and many more visual forms of Bali locality that can be found here. Approximately 25 local and international artists work around this skate park. Not just Graffiti jamming, on the last day of UPDATE YOUR CITY BALI event is inserted with Photograffiti competition which also attracts visitors.

Head to the KIND MAGZ website for a full and detailed recap of the event.

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