Frédéric Bouin – Death

Frédéric Bouin is a multidisciplinary designer and maker concentrating primarily on handmade graphic images. His background is in illustration and graphic design but has slowly turned towards set building and prop making. In his artistic practice Frédéric blends those influences and blurs the lines between illustration and photography. Frédéric recently sent over a killer new project entitled “Death” that will have you mesmerized if it’s digital or reality. More images and information after the jump!

“’Death’ started as a personal exploration in letter form. I wanted to reinterpret a blackletter typeface as a real tangible object. The goal was to not only create a flat silhouette with a simple extrusion but to use the three dimensionality of space as an integral part of the letter. By using tubular shapes for strokes I was able to give the shapes depth and form, the large strokes enveloping the smaller ones and the thin strokes recessing towards the inner parts of the letters.

Facetiously I decided that “death” was the only appropriate word for this typeface, but as I played with it the humour dissipated and I started feeling a certain beauty in the statement and in the forms. Not in the macabre but in the myth, the afterlife. I decided to display the word floating like a spirit, with a swirl taking the viewer inwards. Using coloured gels we were able to photograph the project with pastel coloured lighting to give the whole thing a somewhat ethereal feeling.” -The Arist

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