MOCRE – New Digital Illustrations

Our friend MOCRE recently shares a couple of new digital illustrations with us entitled – “Xólotl, Lord of Underworld” and “Ilhuicamiztli”. More images and background information about the illustrations after the jump!

“Xólotl, Lord of Underworld”

Xólotl was a twin brother of Quetzalcóatl ( other god more famous), he had the ability to trasformation and he had relationship with underworld.

Animals like the xoloitzcuintle or ajolote are representations of this deity. In this case, is an ajolote.

Currently the ajolote is endangered, is an endemic animal of Mexico city.

The word “ajolote” is originally from ancient language nahuatl, and means: monster of water or dog of water.

One characteristic of ajolote that distinguishes it from the rest of the animals is that it can regenerate his body: an foot, an eye or his tail.


This digital art represent to the jaguar, the more big feline representative of the natural and cultural heritage of America. An emblem threatened and in danger of extinction.

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