KEM5 – Vision Quest

When one of America’s top letter wizards and a world famous shooter team up for content, you know we’re in for a treat. So when Kems (@allchrome) and Kingston (@kingstonphoto) got together for the Vision Quest project, many of us got hella excited to see the outcome from these two beasts. More images, info and video after the jump!

If you know anything about them, you know that they both have a very strong work ethic and the end product is guaranteed to be very clean, well executed with style and details on the forefront. The idea behind the series is as simple as it is effective.

Both mediums seek to explore and push boundaries, go places where few dare or ever even heard of. Naturally, together they seek to find abandoned spots, unused structures, wastelands and forgotten parts of American history. Once they are on location, the past meets the present to create something that will last in to the future.

Everything is beautifully captured and edited to give us a full understanding of how these three worlds collide and the outcome of their interactions. Armed with some Lak Chrome and black, a ladder and fine camera gear, they head out in to the unknown looking for the next location that time forgot.

In this first installment, they visit an abandoned lay-up of trains in the middle of the desert. After doing dome recon, they stumbled upon a sizable double-decker passenger train from what seems to be the late 60’s and possible 70’s. That’s one of the cool things about these missions is that you might never know the full history behind it even if you tried. However, it allows you to have your own personal interaction with something that now is serving a purpose it was not designed for.

Many questions can go thorough one’s head while that Ironlak paint is effortlessly caressing the surface of what once was part of many people’s daily life. Who sat in these trains? Who drove these trains and why did they leave them right here in the middle of the desert? Most of these questions will go unanswered and that’s part of the thrill.

One thing we do know is that both Kems and Kingston make this stuff look way too easy. You are witnessing experts in the field who have traveled the world over to seek such adventures. As always, KEMS goes big with a giant chrome banger in his signature style. The footage is off the hook with some epic drone shots. What more is left to say? Oh, yeah, watch the video and stay tuned for more from this Vision Quest series.

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