Meryl Pataky – “She Bends: Women in Neon” @ Museum of Neon Art

The Museum of Neon Art is pleased to present, “She Bends: Women in Neon” opening September 16th. The exhibition will run through February 11th. More information and images after the jump!

“She Bends”, curated by neon artist, Meryl Pataky, will feature 29 artists from around the world. Each of these artists not only use neon as a primary medium in their work, but they have chosen to dive into the male-dominated trade. Each woman works intimately with neon either bending the work themselves or at the very least, designing, installing and assembling with their own hands. Some of these women have their own neon shops or work in a shop. Some share their knowledge through teaching the craft.

Dana Caputo

Neon has traditionally been a mostly male field. Today, we see a growing number of women picking up a torch and bending glass for themselves to create artwork, not just signs. What was once known for seedy depictions of the female and commercial based applications is now appreciated for it’s conceptual content and messaging. The female influence on the medium has proven to further neon’s role in the art world and prolong it’s survival as a trade due to a growing interest in it as an art form.

Olivia Steele

This exhibition aims not only to highlight women in the medium, but also the basic fact that all neon is hand-made. The title itself relays an action, that of bending. What starts as an act of skill progresses into a devoted lifestyle for the artists in this show and all neon benders across the world.

Kate Hush

“She Bends” will be the largest, most inclusive all-female neon exhibition ever put together. On September 16th, women benders from around the world will converge in LA for the opening, some meeting each other for the first time. Two artists will be teaching workshops that same weekend.

Meryl Pataky

Here is the show page. It is a ticketed visit and you can purchase tickets through the link.

Here is a link to artist introductions Meryl has been doing and will continue to do throughout the exhibition.

Kate Hush

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