Group Exhibition – “Sentimental Mood” @ First Amendment Gallery

First Amendment Gallery recently unveiled a new group exhibition “Sentimental Mood” featuring 20 Bay Area artists. The gallery is located at the intersection of 6th and Howard St. in Downtown San Francisco and the exhibition is free and open to the public. More information and images after the jump.

Anika Chasuk

Artsits in the show include:

Adam Caldwell – Anika Chasuk – Apexer – Casey Gray
Christoper Martin – Daryll Peirce – David Chong Lee – David Marc Grant
Ernest Doty – Gina Contreras – John Casey – Kellen Chasuk
Lena Gustafson – Marcos LaFarga – Oliver Hawk – Peter Adamyan
Rich Jacobs – Robert Minvervini – Sean Newport – Yetunde Olagbaju

Adam Caldwell

To receive a preview or if you have any questions about “Sentimental Mood” please contact

Robert Minervini

Sean Newport

Case Gray

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