MOCRE – New Digital Illustrations & 3d graffiti

Our friend MOCRE recently shares a couple of new digital illustrations with us entitled – “Xólotl, Lord of Underworld” and “Ilhuicamiztli.” More 3d graffiti images and background information about the illustrations after the jump!

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Joel Guzman | digital fantasy art & anime digital art

Joel Guzman is a fantasy and anime Toronto-based artist whose’s work focuses on blurring the lines between surface, support and space the artwork occupies. Joel attended OCAD University, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Drawing and Painting.

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Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine – Issue #24

We are back with our 24th instalment of Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine, which includes image features from Jeff Mancilla, BIP, Sasha Blot, Sabek and interviews with Ernest Doty, Dee Skulls, MEDIAH, SHOK and Mear One. Click on the image or link HERE to read for free.

Faik Dream Mode | 3d artwork & chalk drawings

Our friends FAIK, or Faik Art, recently sent 3d artwork over an excellent illustration they recently completed entitled “Dream Mode.” Here’s what the artists said about the piece:

” DREAM MODE ~ Creating an army with our alliance, we glide closer to the ground every day.”

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Nick Giassullo Various Illustrations | 3d paintings

Nick Giassullo is a digital artist working in the film industry for the past six years in San Francisco, Tramadol 200mg, Los Angeles, & Portland, OR. In the 1990s, Nick naturally started as an artist working in oil paints, pen & ink, printmaking, 3d paintings and traditional photography. In the early 2000’s he started gravitating more towards digital work with a growing passion for film. Since then, he’s motivated by technology's future and can help push the craft for clients and his creative endeavors. Nick has contributed to projects such as FX Original Taboo featuring Tom Hardy, Netflix Original Stranger Things, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, San Andreas, & Iron Man 3.


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Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine – Issue #23

We are back with yet another fantastic edition of our online magazine, issue number 23. This publication includes image features from Skape289, Solero, “Reset” group exhibition at Athen B. Gallery, and interviews with Dan Hampe, Denial, Ruffpup Flykidd, Skor and Rafael Sliks.

Click on the image of follow this link HERE to read for free.


ColorOrgy Various Works | art3d & street drawing

Investigating the process of expectations, ColorOrgy explores daily life relationship with popular culture and mass media. Using clean lines and brilliant color theories to invoke nostalgia, he subtly asks the viewer to reflect on what lies beneath the surface using their memories. Blending the aesthetics of middle class values with provocative imagery, ColorOrgy challenges everyday subject matter.

His paintings art3d are characterized using everyday objects in an atmosphere of middle-class mentality in which recognition plays an important role. Using popular themes such as sexuality, family structure, and violence, he works to be seen as self-portraits. Sometimes they appear idiosyncratic and quirky, at other times, they seem typical by-products of American superabundance and marketing. ColorOrgy parodies mass media and exaggerates formal aspects inherent to our contemporary society, creating evocative and absurd moments that are not part of a narrative thread. The drama unfolds elsewhere and the images become a memory of an event that will never take place.


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