Feature – Visual Orgasm

Coming up to a new issue means we get all you great fans out there some interviews you missed. Here’s an excerpt from the 3rd issue with the amazing guys at Visual Orgasm. An inspiration to BBB more than words can say.

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Feature – REMI/ROUGH

Here’s another excerpt from the 3rd Issue with the unbelievably talented REMI/ROUGH. Not only is he one of our absolute favourites, but also such a nice guy with some mighty interesting stuff to say. We’re sure you will enjoy this interview.

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Feature – SMUG GH LSD

We here have been lucky enough to know SMUG GH LSD for a few years now and he’s just aces all across the board. Style and personality, he’s top-notch. Here’s an excerpt from the third issue we have yet to post. Enjoy!

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Double-Pressed 4th Issue of Bizarre Beyond Belief

Nearly 90 pages of solid gold in a double-pressed 4th issue. Mind-blowing talents have graced the pages of BBB such as The CA-Crew, Simon Monk, SKARY, Juan Carlos Noria, SWEAR1, Block By Block Ink, Mark Lyken and the intergalactic heavy metal band Gwar.