Drew Young – Various Paintings

Drew Young (b.1987 Victoria, BC) currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. He studied at The Victoria College of Art and received his diploma in Illustration and Applied Arts (IDEA) at Capilano University.

His painting accolades have brought him many curatorial opportunities in recent years. He’s the Visual Arts curator for TedX Vancouver as well as curator/coordinator for Snag — a weekly live-painting exhibition focused on illuminating Vancouver’s alternative arts culture.


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Jean Paul Donadini – Brosses Arrétées

Jean Paul Donadini is a french painter who was born in Troyes, France, in 1951. He graduated from the Beaux Arts of Troyes in 1971, then the Beaux Arts of Nancy in 1973 and the Beaux arts of Paris in 1976. Since then,he has worked and lived in Paris, and has had many personal exhibitions in France and abroad: Londres, New york, Miami, Chicago, Istambul, Dubaï, Séoul, Singapour, Hong-Kong, Paris.


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Eric Yahnker – Various Illustrations

Eric Yahnker is a Los Angeles based painter and illustration artist who creates hilarious satirical work. Using highly detailed rendering techniques, Yahnker attacks everyone from Abraham Lincoln with cornrows to Prince getting harassed by police.


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Alejandro Carpintero – Various Paintings

Alejandro Carpintero is a Spanish artist who creates incredible texturized painting works. The Madrid based painter not only uses an immense amount of paint to create thick painterly brush strokes, but also uses a hyperrealistic method to beautiful juxtapose the two techniques.

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Clark Goolsby – Various Paintings

Clark Goolsby is a California born fine artist who received his BFA from the University of California, San Diego in 2002 and has been exhibiting extensively ever since. The now Brooklyn based painter creates brilliant abstract painting and illustration works that bright, bold and vibrant.

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Warren King – Life-sized Cardboard Sculptures

Warren King is an American born artist currently living and working in Stockholm. After a trip to a village in China where much of his ancestors lived, King took on a task of bigger and more ambitious work. Using merely cardboard and glue, King creates brilliant life-sized sculptures of the villagers from his family town.

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Mi Ju – Various Paintings

Mi Ju is a fine artist currently who studied at the Pratt Institute in San Francisco and lived in Sydney, Australia until moving to New York City where she is currently based in Brooklyn. Mi Ju creates brilliant acrylic surreal works which are graphic and extremely visually imaginative.

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