Beverly Fishman – Various Paintings

Beverly Fishman is fine artist currently doing her Artist-in-Residence and and acting as Head of the Painting Department at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. For over twenty-five years Fishman has worked as a full-time artist and has dedicated herself to educating aspiring artists as well. After reaching an MFA degree from Yale University, she accepted her first position as adjunct Associate Professor in the Graduate Art School of the College of New Rochelle, New York. Since 2000, Fishman has been exhibiting both solo and in group exhibitions all over the world. Her work has also been included in many thematic exhibitions addressing abstraction, technology, medicine, and the body.


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Matt Bilfield – Dowel Sculpture Installations

Matt Bilfield is a fine artist who creates incredible painting installation which comprise of thousands of dowels that are individually painted and installation on board to give the illusion of imagery. His pop art influenced works range from Lichtenstein-esque portraiture to comic-book inspired typography. Here’s what the artist says about his work:

“Being somewhat of a neat freak and minimalist who thrives on order and pragmatism, Iā€™m drawn to specific outlets to express my inner visions. Naturally, graphic design fit the bill when it came to career selection.

In the framework of the television graphics I create, I noticed it was always the image that constantly changes as the viewer watches, inactively. In conceptualizing a series of artwork, I wanted to create pieces where the vantage point dictates the image and abundance of color, in turn activating the viewer. Where the television screen has the screen framework as its boundary, I wanted to extend that boundary to the dimensions of the room itself. My idea was that everyone viewing the art gets his or her own unique perspective.”


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“Out of Body” Group Exhibition @ Launch LA

Launch LA is pleased to present Out of Body featuring paintings by Jonathan Apgar, Tiffany Livingston, Victor Reyes and sculpture by Alisa Ochoa. Out of Body focuses on work that attempts to capture the invisible. All four artists in this exhibition embrace the unknown. They allow their processes to guide them towards a resolution that embodies a feeling, sound, or vibration. The show is curated by Rema Ghuloum and runs from December 10, 2016 ā€“ January 7, 2017. Opening Reception: Saturday, December 10, 6 ā€“ 9 PM. More information and images after the jump!


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Mark Barretto – Painting Installations

Mark Barretto is a Dubai based artist originally hailing from the Philippines. In Barretto’s work, he tries to capture the things he sees around him, this helps him understand more about the environment. It brings out a relationship in between Barretto and his surroundings ranging from things he comes across, people that he meets, and conditions that takes place.


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Alexis Price – Various Paintings

Alexis Price is a working, showing, living, breathing self-taught artist from Raleigh, North Carolina currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. Price works primarily with oil, is inspired by animals, and has a strange fascination with the color pink.


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Lebo Tladi – Various Illustrations

Lebo Tladi was born in South Africa in July 1994. Having lived in the tranquil and serene Limpopo province, Lebo has always loved nature and elements of it. Lebo has always been inspired by the human mind, the power of imagination, cultures, and nature. This is evident in his works as he always pedantically captures snippets of what inspires him and blends it together by portraying it in distorted ways which causes the meaning to shift and thus interpretation becomes multifaceted. With a meticulous conceptual approach, he creates intense personal moments which are masterfully created by means of rules and omissions, lines and patterns, which lure the viewer into a bizarre world portrayed on paper and canvas.


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Mark Liam Smith – A Day At The Met

Our friend Mark Liam Smith recently unveiled a beautiful new painting series entitled “A Day At The Met”. The new body of work features a world where those who attend The Met have a much different way of interacting with the art. This body of work also landed Smith an invitation to show at a group exhibition at Montreal’s Galerie Youn a few weeks ago, where he sold out and was invited to sign with them.


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