Lala Abaddon – Martyr Syndrome

Lala Abaddon seeks to examine the dual nature of binary relationships with parallels that give shape to their physical existence. In her woven work she integrates many components in her process, capturing her unique images multiple times through a repetitive sequence of traditional analog photographic methods, then arranging the large format prints into precise and deliberate pairings.


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Felipe Pantone x Rebecca Smith x Selina Miles – FLUORESCENCIA

In November 2015 three creatives traveled to Paramaribo, the bustling capital of a lesser known nation on the northeastern coast of South America. They arrived with a simple goal, to combine forces in a series of experiments, mixing film, light and muralism. Film shot/cut by Selina Miles, art by Felipe Pantone and Projection by Rebecca Smith. More info & video after the jump!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.33.27 PM

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Trina Merry – Lost in Wonder

Photographer Trina Merry has recently come out with a brilliant new series entitled “Lost in Wonder” where the artist takes photos of a model at some of the most monumental landmarks around the globe. The subject is body painted in resemblance of the surrounding landscape which makes him disappear into the photograph.

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Rich McCor – Paperboyo

Rich McCor is a photographer who travels the world creating brilliant images of landmarks adding his own twist by using cutout paper characters. From turning the Arc de Triomphe into a LEGO man and the Little Mermaid statue to a selfie taker, McCor’s work effortlessly intertwines humour and photograph beauty.


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Selina Miles – Felipe Pantone | Portrait of an Artist

The extremely talented Selina Miles has recently released a new video about graffiti based multidisciplinary artist Felipe Pantone. The short film is based on a series of facts of varying importance on the topic of Felipe Pantone. Read more about it and watch the video after the jump!


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John Marshall – Sunset Selfies

What happens when you spend a month living alone on an island in Maine with nothing but cardboard, scissors and gorgeous sunsets to play with? A lot of really awesome stuff. Photographer and artist John Marshall created a series entitled “Sunset Selfies” where Marshall turns simple cutouts into whimsical situations.

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Arthur Lugauskas – Poem in Ice, Black Ink

Poem in Ice is a poem Arthur Lugauskas wrote, froze up, and then photographed the process of it’s ice melting away as the words in permanent ink unraveled themselves, without knowing if they remained or smeared away.

But, let’s get poetic now. Reading words from a certain someone or something can be dangerous, hence the broken glass. If you open up the poem too quickly you might cut yourself and rip the message in the process. All meaning can be lost if that happened. This idea of being patient with important pieces of writing is what I’m portraying, as well as how delicate and valuable words put together in a certain way can be. Poetry.

Poem in Ice, Black Ink by Arthur Lugauskas (1:10)

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