Lonac – Strange Bird

Mural artist Lonac recently made his way out to New York City where be painted a killer new piece entitled “Strange Bird”. The new piece was painted somewhere in Manhattan and features a seemingly mutated bird-fish-human. More images and video after the jump!


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Studio Giftig – Various Murals

Studio Giftig is specialized in making murals and illustrations. Our expertise lays in the contrast between our graphic and illustrative style versus the photorealistic way of painting, or the combination of both. These examples make for lots of opportunities.


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Myneandyours – The Greatest of Mysteries

Our friend Myneandyours recently finished up 2016 with an incredible new mural in Dubai entitled “The Greatest of Mysteries”. The project took 32 nights, 740 man hours, 18 walls, 1840sq metres and consisted of 620 stencils, 560 clouds, 50000 stars, 288 litres of paint, 150 cans, 1 massage and a visit to A&E. The project was unveiled a few weeks ago at #meetd3 and can be found at the entrance to the car park of building 6, opposite building 9.


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Mocre – Axolotl

Our friend Mocre recently hooked us up with some new mural images pertaining to his new piece “Axolotl”. This piece is inspired in the axolote mexicano (Ambystoma Mexicanum). The axolotl is an amazing animal because they have the ability to regenerate. The animal is currently an endangered species.

The piece also represents the ancient mexican god “Xolotl”, he was the twin brother of Quetzalcoatl. Axolotl was related to the underworld, he was the god of sunset, of deformities, spirits and he could transform into anything.


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