1010 – New Mural in Berlin

1010 recently made his way out to Berlin where he painted for the famous Urban Nation. Using his signature illusion style, the German street artist crushed a massive side of a building adding an almost anamorphic effect to his trompe l’oeil style.


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1010 – New Mural in Detroit, MI

Globetrotting artist 1010 recently made his way out to Michigan for the latest edition of Murals in the Market in Detroit’s Eastern Market. The German artist painted a stunning new piece entitled “Abyss” featuring his signature vibrant layered aesthetic that entrances the viewer into feeling as if they’re being sucked into another realm.


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1010 – Crystal Ship Festival in Belgium

Street artist 1010 has recently been out in Belgium where he got busy on a new wall for the Crystal Ship Festival. Alongside a number of other artists, 1010 crushed a new piece on a stale blank wall adding some nice colour to the building using his trompe l’oeil aesthetic.


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1010 x Cisco Merel x Felipe Pantone x Nelio x Aricruz – “Spectra” @ Marion Gallery

Articruz presents “Spectra” a group exhibition featuring 1010, Cisco Merel, Felipe Pantone and Nelio. The likeminded individuals have come together to present a brilliant new show set to be displayed at the Marion Gallery in Panama. More info, images and promo video after the jump.


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Kaaboo ArtworK Activation – Collaboration Murals @ Wynwood

Our friends over at Kaboo ArtworK just fired us over some photos of their completed pieces in Wynwood at this year’s Art Basel Miami for their Kaaboo Initiative. Peep a bunch of the amazing work after the jump!


Mural by 1010 & Caratoes for Kaaboo Artwork & Smashed Canvas Mia. Photo by chopemdownfilms.

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1010 – Mural at JustKids Festival

German street artist 1010 recently went to Las Vegas where he painted a massive new vortex piece for the upcoming JUSTKIDS Life Is Beautiful ’15 Festival. Painting the colourful illusion in sweltering hot heat for nearly a week, 1010 never disappoints.

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1010 – Illusion Mural on Boulevard Périphérique

German street artist 1010 recently created an incredible illusion masterpiece Paris’ Boulevard Périphérique. Over the course of seven days, with the help of two assistants and 400 liters of paint, the bold and colourful work manipulates line and color to give the feeling of depth, creating a psychedelic cavity on the 8 lane highway.

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