If this issue doesn’t blow your socks off, we don’t know what will. With a list of artists that are increasingly becoming some of the most influential names in the game, issue #7 is guaranteed to impress. Including names such as CROME [RT] , Andrew McAttee [Incandescent Artists] , Toronto Graffiti Spotlight, Rakaa [Iriscience] of the Dilated Peoples, Poesia Transcend, Michael Chase and last but not least ASKEW ONE [TMD, SUK, MSK]. Get ready for a visual explosion and stimulation reading. Read the full thing HERE or click image.



“This video is so dope! Shot in 2000, this is a clip of a documentary on graffiti that unfortunately never got completed. From the looks of it the filmmaker Ricardo Martinez has got some real treasures in his archives featuring interviews with Rime, Chip 7, and Dr. Sex from over a decade ago. They even speak with the owner of Scrap Yard back when it was Bomb the System and just before the 2-minute mark there’s a quick clip of Sacer (RIP) catching a silver marker tag. I could only imagine what the rest of the footage must be like.” – From 12ozProphet

Les Enfants from Ricardo Martinez on Vimeo.