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Currently on display at the 886 Gallery Gallery in San Franisco, is a solo exhibition entitled “In Memoriam” by SatOne. The show is open to the public until October 3rd.

“In Memoriam“ is based on the notion that only essential things in life last, and came to the artist whilst he was recently renovating his apartment. During the process of separating out belongings, the artist felt himself confronted with existential doubts about the nature of objects and possessions, rediscovering the value of photography as a way of documenting and underlining personal memories. This experience was interesting for SatOne because it gave him the possibility to find out how far he could reduce himself in terms of material belongings, freeing himself from anything that didn’t have a practical purpose, and providing him with a subject to explore in his work.

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SHADOVVS celebrates a new trajectory for American artist & designer Matt W. Moore. During a 2 month stay in Oakland, CA, and a 2 week residency within 886 Geary Gallery, Moore constructed a new body of work that fuses his bold, graphic, op-geo vocabulary with extruded mosaic forms that bring the works to life in three dimensions. The series is activated by the angle and intensity of the light source, be it a deliberate directional lamp, or the natural curve of each day’s sun cycle. Symmetries and depth are revealed in a spectrum of proportions, and color palettes are expanded upon, into numerous parallel hues revealed by the shadows.


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886 Geary Gallery is pleased to present “Type Faces”, a solo exhibition by Sam Rodriguez. The opening reception will be Saturday, August 15th, from 7-11 pm, the exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through September 5th, 2015.

According to Rodriguez “Type Faces came from my interest in typography and portraiture. As the series has developed, I have explored patterns between language and identity in a social, historic, and cultural sense. Typefaces, and typecasts are tools for identifying. We use them to communicate and make sense or sometimes distort our perceived realities. In today’s globalized social environment, so much of our perceived notions have become hybridized, and vague. In that regard, these works are an observation of identity as cultural landscape paintings and drawings. They are small samples and remixes of expression in an ever-shrinking world.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 2.46.01 PM

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Ryan De La Hoz is currently showing alongside Kai & Sunny at the 886 Geary Gallery in San Francisco. De La Hoz examines the past and present at the same time and utilizes periods in history to excavate emotions such as apathy,fear,hope,joy, misery, etc. He uses a broad variety of media and objects in his attempts to analyze the current state of affairs.

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886 Geary Gallery recently celebrated Graffuturism’s 5 Year Anniversary with an international exhibition opening March 14th. Graffuturism has exhibited as a group over the past 5 years in cities such as Glasgow, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Miami and San Francisco. Graffuturism has chosen 886 Geary to hold its anniversary show bringing together an impressive group of International artists to exhibit. Poesia has curated a lineup of premier Urban/Graffiti Art artist who have been pivotal in the development of Graffuturism the past 5 years, or who have been closely associated with the group. Artists exhibiting new work will be, Aaron De La Cruz, Augustine Kofie, Basik, Bom.k, Boris Delta Tellegen, Carlos Mare, Chazme, Christopher Derek Bruno,Duncan Jago, EKG, Geso, Gilbert1, Jerry Joker Inscoe, Kan, Kema, Kwest, Matt W.Moore, Moneyless, Morik, Nawer, Nelio, Pener, Poesia, Pro176, Remi Rough, Saber, SatOne,Thomas Canto, Tomek, Vesod, and West One.

Screen shot 2015-03-22 at 7.42.38 PM

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“Unformal” Geso and Poesia will exhibit a new series of work that embodies the concept of Un-Formal, work that is not defined by historical or contemporary canon and exists as a hybrid of painting in its post-historical sense merged with their graffiti urban art history. Both artists whom come from a Graffiti background yet paint with a contemporary spirit find themselves at a point of departure from their history as painters as their work embodies personal traits prevalent in both art forms. More images, information and details about the show after the jump!


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