Above – New Mural in Washington, D.C

Street artist Above recently made his way out to Washington where he painted a new piece for the DC Mural Festival. With the support from ArtWhino who curated the project, Above painted a massive S that interweaves with one of his signature arrows.


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Above – Incognito

The infamous street artist Above was invited by the City of Gold Festival in South Africa to paint a flashy new mural. Using his signature arrows, the mural painted on the streets of Johannesburg consists of vibrant colours and overlapping layers of imagery.

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ABOVE – Timing Is Everything

It took nearly 7 or so months of searching the streets at night for Above’s new installation. This break dancer stencil truly comes to life at night. The title for the video is extremely appropriate because as we know with street art, timing is everything!

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TOURRAL Thomas – Cloud

TOURRAL Thomas‘ “Cloud” photography is great. There’s always something so captivating and mystical about the sky and the clouds. Don’t you find you could stare for hours? Well, these photographs have beautiful colour and texture but almost an “other-wordly” feel to them as well.

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ABOVE – Blood Diamond Mural

Street artist ABOVE got down on a very controversial mural on the exterior wall of Johannesburg’s “Jewel City”.
“Africa has had a devastating history of blood diamond wars. Blood diamond refers to a diamond mined in a war zone and then sold to finance an invading army’s war efforts, usually in Africa where more than two-thirds of the worlds diamonds are extracted.” – As said by ABOVE. Pictures and Video after the jump.

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