Adidas Skatebaording Euro Lines – Dennis Busenitz

Adidas Skateboarding has been on point for a while and you know one of their main killers are Dennis Busenitz. He always shreds and this part is no different.

MF DOOM – Graffiti in London

The legendary Hip-Hop MC – MF DOOM gets busy with some colourful throwups in London after 10 years of retirement. Doom also discusses some of his graffiti experiences and the human brain.

Adidas – The Obstacle

“In February of 2012 adidas France rented out a large warehouse and created a free indoor event and skatepark. Visitors were encouraged to come to the space at their leisure to take in the art shows, concerts, skate demo, invitational contest and skate lessons for kids with the purpose of creating a positive experience.” – Adidas Skateboarding.