Space Invader – African Safari

Infamous French street artist Space Invader went on a trip to Africa with his close friend and fellow street artist Vhils to spend some time on the Serengeti in Tanzania. While on the Grumeti Game Reserve, the Paris-based tile master tried to place some of his signature mosaic pieces up on some surfaces which turned out to be extremely difficult as some of the images are of him holding his work up. However, he did manage to find a couple locations to do a quick collabo with his trip mate.

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Agents Of Change – “Unfolding” @ David Block Gallery

The David Bloch Gallery presents Agents of Change in Marrakech. Creating work in the blazing African heat, the group exhibition included a public mural among a number of fantastic works in the gallery space.

ABOVE – Blood Diamond Mural

Street artist ABOVE got down on a very controversial mural on the exterior wall of Johannesburg’s “Jewel City”.
“Africa has had a devastating history of blood diamond wars. Blood diamond refers to a diamond mined in a war zone and then sold to finance an invading army’s war efforts, usually in Africa where more than two-thirds of the worlds diamonds are extracted.” – As said by ABOVE. Pictures and Video after the jump.

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