Jim Darling – Airplane Landscapes Paintings

Fine artist Jim Darling uses wood and paint to recreate the windows of an airplane and the vision beyond them. He brilliantly crafts his materials into frames for his paintings of various landscapes, cities, oceans, and the sky.

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Benny Gold – Miniature Gliders

San Francisco designer Benny Gold recently sent blank airplanes made of balsa wood to artists all over the world. Each artist hand-crafted each airplane into individual works of art. Artists involved are Bigfoot, Haroshi, Aaron De La Cruz, Jon Contino, Jeff Staple, Andrew Pommier, Erik Marinovich, Ken Davis, Grotesk, Andy Jenkins, Omar Gonzales, Curtis Kulig, Greg Mishka, Mark Gonzales, Usugrow, Hannah Stouffer, Morning Breath, and more.

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The Hangerone Project – 45RPM

Hangfire is a UK based collective who does a variety of work in the arts community. Their newest edition to their repertoire is “The Hangerone Project”. This project has artists painting airplanes as big as commercial jets. The first video in the series is from Bristol based graffiti artist 45RPM.