Mister Achilles – Various Murals

Mister Achilles is a mural artist who lives and works in Athens, Greece. He loves street art, graffiti and painting. He currently works as a freelancer creating murals, portraits, paintings, illustrations and more.


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Truly Design – “Truth Depends On Where You See It From” @ MEF – Ettore Fico Museum

The boys over at Truly Design collective have recently been busy arranging their current exhibition entitled “Truth Depends On Where You See It From” at MEF – Ettore Fico Museum in Turin. The show opened March 10 and will run until June 26, 2016. More images and information after the jump.


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Jovanny Brainmash x Vadik Voodoo – Anamorphic Murals in Frankfurt

Street artist Jovanny Brainmash and Vadik Voodoo teamed up in on a couple of crazy anamorphic murals in Germany. The duo worked away at a number of indoor pieces that resemble art materials creating larger than life work for the Creative World 2016 fair in Frankfurt.


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Leon Keer – Malta Street Art Festival

Leon Keer learned to paint through designing and producing large advertising murals. His knowledge of materials, acquired by painting on all kinds of foundations for his clients, led to an interest in experimenting with materials and techniques.

Keer was recently in Malta for the Malta Street Art Festival and painted a brilliant series of illusion gummy bears that can only seen in their true beauty from a distance at a certain angle.

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Truly Design – Callisto and Arcas

Mural artists Truly Design presents three interconnected ‪‎anamorphic graffiti called “CALLISTO AND ARCAS” painted at Scuola Holden – School of Storytelling & Performing Arts in Turin, Italy. The murals each have a story attached to them. Look and read below and after the jump!

Juno punishes Callisto for the betrayal with Jupiter transforming her into a bear:


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Boa Mistura – Anamorphic Typography Installation

Artist Boa Mistura recently created an incredible anamorphic typographic installation that spelled out a line from an Enrique Cabezón poem. The phrase “mírate a través de este poema de agua” was on display this past march as part of the ‘Concéntrico’ Architecture and Design Festival of Logroño, Spain. In order to read the entire phrase visitors had to walk around a group of white painted pillars and only in a certain portion of four different spots the colorful words became legible.

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