Andrew Hem – Surreal Paintings

Fine artist Andrew Hem creates beautifully executed surreal painting work that are like incredibly visual depictions of eerie dreamlike scenarios.

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Andrew Lyman – Fleeted Happenings

Photographer Andrew Lyman has a beautiful series entitled “Fleeted Happenings”. Lyman that shoots portraits of people who appear like ghostly figures on earthy landscapes. Lyman’s says his collection explores “the transcendence of memory through time in relation to space.”

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Andrew Dadson – Waited

“[Andrew] Dadson has developed a practice in which the traditional limits of the canvas are crossed, blurred, and questioned. This iconoclastic stance, however, is not merely a formal one, or a way of simply making the next move in the chess match of endgames that has come to define painting as a historical genre. Rather, the driving force of the work posits that the objects and discourses that we have come to associate with painting are not nearly as familiar or discrete as we think.” – FabrikLA

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If this issue doesn’t blow your socks off, we don’t know what will. With a list of artists that are increasingly becoming some of the most influential names in the game, issue #7 is guaranteed to impress. Including names such as CROME [RT] , Andrew McAttee [Incandescent Artists] , Toronto Graffiti Spotlight, Rakaa [Iriscience] of the Dilated Peoples, Poesia Transcend, Michael Chase and last but not least ASKEW ONE [TMD, SUK, MSK]. Get ready for a visual explosion and stimulation reading. Read the full thing HERE or click image.



This is Andrew

Andrew Reynold’s has been one of our favourite skaters for so many damn years. Video’s like these are always amazing to see when someone you idolize discusses their lives and how interesting they can be. Definitely take some time to check out “This Is Andrew” presented by Nixon and Desillusion Magazine.