Jake Merten – Caulifla

Mural artist Jake Merten recently crushed a new mural on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles. The mural is of Caulifla the female Saiyan from DBZ. All completed freehand with aerosol spray paint. More photos after the jump.

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Hikari Shimoda – “Recycling Humanity” @ Corey Helford Gallery.

Nagano based fine artist Hikari Shimoda is currently showing at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles. Shimoda first studied illustration at the prestigious Kyoto Saga University of Art and Aoyama Juku School before beginning her career as a contemporary artist in 2008.

Shimoda’s artwork paints a world where cuteness and horror coexist, and fantasy meets reality. She credits the Japanese pop culture she grew up with as the main source of inspiration of her Lowbrow-Irasuto style, inspired by anime and manga. Take a look at a number of pieces in the show after the jump.

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