Hyuro – Various Murals

Tamara Djurovic, better known by her pseudonym Hyuro is an artist who was born in Argentina and is based in Spain who creates brilliant fine art and street work. Hyuro says about here work that it is: “intimate and very personal. Her universe, disturbing and seductive. Her language is honest and forthcoming. Her head are her hands and her paintings a gift for the streets of the city.” Take a look at a selection of beautiful murals she recently created.

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Sam El Greco – Street Art Geometry

Sam El Greco is an Argentinian graffiti and mural artist who creates killer abstract street art work. The Buenos Aires based painter uses vibrant colours and geometric shapes to illustrate new dimensions which jump off the wall.


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Animalito Land – New Mural in Fanzara, Spain

Street artist Animalito Land just completed a new piece at the Miau Street Art Festival. The Argentinian’s piece brought a whole new meaning to the word “Cute” on the streets of Fanzara, Spain.

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Julio Le Parc – Op Art

Julio Le Parc was born on September 23, 1928 in Argentina and is an artist who focuses on both modern op art and kinetic art. Le Parc attended the School of Fine Arts in Argentina. A founding member of Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visual (GRAV) and award winning artworks, he is a significant figure in Argentinean modern art.

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Lucas Lasnier – Parbo

Lucas Lasnier recently completed his “Space Journey mural.” Painted in the city of Zárate, 80 km from Buenos Aires. Four days of hard painting with an anticipated summer weather, the heat of the Paraná river help me with this huge coral wave that cover up the entire facade. Thanks to all the people who came to see me and share their point of view of the wall.

lucas lasnier

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Mondongo – Three Dimensional Paintings

Argentinian artist duo “Mondongo” creates paintings without paint but using such materials as thread, beads, plasticine, cookies, and glitter, to name of few. Production is slow, meticulous and deliberate as the material and concept are intricately jelled. The materials also tend to be used as metaphorical adjuncts to the concepts.

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