Arthur Lugauskas – Poem in Ice, Black Ink

Poem in Ice is a poem Arthur Lugauskas wrote, froze up, and then photographed the process of it’s ice melting away as the words in permanent ink unraveled themselves, without knowing if they remained or smeared away.

But, let’s get poetic now. Reading words from a certain someone or something can be dangerous, hence the broken glass. If you open up the poem too quickly you might cut yourself and rip the message in the process. All meaning can be lost if that happened. This idea of being patient with important pieces of writing is what I’m portraying, as well as how delicate and valuable words put together in a certain way can be. Poetry.

Poem in Ice, Black Ink by Arthur Lugauskas (1:10)

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Arthur Lugauskas – EP Paintings

Our friend Arthur Lugauskas has been working hard. After posting up his Piop Art paintings and a mural installation, Arthur sent us over a new series of work entitled “EP Paintings.” Using his great monochromatic style (often times with a splash of vibrant colour), these abstract paintings are a great evolution of past works.

Screen shot 2015-03-21 at 5.29.09 AM

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