BGO x Speto – Coca-Cola’s Brazil World Cup Branding

The new visual identity and branding system for Coca-Cola‘s Brazil World Cup Brazil 2014campaign was a collaborative effort between São Paulo street artist Speto and the Leeds design studio BGO.

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John And George

John and his dog George are a fixture on Shoreditch High Street year round. His drawings of the east London land marks and portraits of George provide John with an escape from his demons. His past is tainted with living rough and addiction.
George is Johns closest companion , he and drawing are Johns one constant in life Film by Will Robson-Scott | Edited by Luca Campanale | Music by Lj Kruzer-Tam814

Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 2.00.43 PM

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Jan Huling – Beaded Beauties

Jan Schwab Huling was born in Chicago and raised in St. Louis. After earning a bachelor’s degree in fine art from the Kansas City Art Institute her career began with Hallmark Cards. She then migrated to New York working as a product designer, children’s book author and now beadist.

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Cinema Mercantile – B.Impressed

Another addition to the beautifully shot stories presented by Cinema Mercantile, we have a profile on Bessie Anderson (best known to her friends “B”). ‘B’ is a letterpress artist which is a profession only done by a handful of artisans in the country. Anderson is setting up shop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.. Music is “Intimidated by Silence” by Cars and Trains. Licensed through Marmoset Music.

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.46.58 PM


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Help Globe – Indiegogo Campaign

Recently graffiti artist GLOBE of the GH Crew had a very tragic situation happen in his life. On Sunday June 9th, 2013 he was the victim of unfortunate circumstances when his studio was burnt down due to an electric fire. Thankfully his wife and daughter are safe and unharmed, but the freak accident has left them out of home and affected his ability to earn a living. Please visit the Indiegogo campaign and donate to get the aspiring artist and his family back on their feet.

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Jun Cha – Paris 2013

Through the lens of a black and white video that mirrors the visceral figurative style of Jun Cha, filmmaker Santiago Arbelaez followed the LA-based artist during his 14-day pop-up tattoo studio in Paris. Expanding Cha’s ongoing investigation to fuse classical inspirations within the modern medium of tattooing, the artist challenges traditional concepts of the creative process and continues the dialogue between art history and fine line Black and Grey which has been a constant evolving theme in his work.

Picture 3


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POSE MSK – The City Of Gold

Johannesburg, South Africa, which is also known as “The City of Gold” hosts an annual graffiti jam. This year, one of LRG‘s most driven artists, POSE of the MSK and Seventh Letter, went out there to get busy and he did just that. With a number of great spots for a graffiti piece, mural and a bold roller to pay homage to the late NEKST.

Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 11.55.19 AM


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Quiet British Accent – Does Football Have A Place In Art?

When husband and wife art/design duo Jason and Sharon Gale (Quite British Accent) began working together, someone told them that sport had no place in art. Rather than take heed, the couple produce all their work using the visual vocabulary of sporting culture. Their latest collection, exhibited recently at Core at Nolias Gallery, includes a series of textile slogans appliquéd onto vintage football shirts. The work satirises the sport-in-art argument and likens popular culture heroes to sporting heroes.



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