Bizarre Beyond Belief 10 For Tablets & Smartphones

We here have been working hard to make loads of new ways for you to see (what we think at least) is our fantastic publication. Now through Readymag, we have made our publication cross-platform, where you can read our most recent issue on your desktop, tablet and/or smartphone. Through this platform there’s loads of new features such as audio, video and slideshows. It means you can enjoy tons more from each artist/feature. Currently, number 10 is the only issue up, but you can rest assured we will do our best to get every last one up there. After the click a quick mini-demo of how it looks on an iPad. Read BBB10 through Readymag HERE.



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Alexander Khokhlov & Valeriya Kutsan – 2D Or Not 2D

Photographer Alexander Khokhlov and make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan teamed up for another project entitled “2D Or Not 2D.” The key-idea of the project was to turn models faces into the 2D images, which are variations from sketch and graphic arts to water-colour and oil-paintings.

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It’s been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you, without a new Bizarre Beyond Belief issue. Sincerest apologies for the delay on this one. Many obstacles and road bumps in creating this publication. However, we’re back with a brilliant double-pressed tenth issue. Coming at you with a powerhouse line up such as the legendary New York graffiti artist Alan Ket, our first repeat interviewee Jack Hardwicke, Greek graffiti artist BIZ360, the omnipotent being Earth Crusher, the incredible Trevor Wheatley, innovative street/fine artist LX ONE, the 20th anniversary of the BSM Crew in Toronto, and one of our absolute favourites Jason Botkin. Click HERE or on the image below to enjoy.


Feature Interview – Norman Wong

In anticipation of Norman Wong‘s exhibition for Arts & Crafts 10 year anniversary that will open Thursday, May 23 [tomorrow] and run until Saturday, June 15 at 1093 Queen St. W. (Unit 2), and will also show at Field Trip Music & Arts Festival and the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival. We got a chance to talk to Norman about a variety of topics from his humble beginnings to working with some of the biggest names in Canadian indie rock.



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Contact Photography Festival – Arts & Crafts x Norman Wong

Toronto, ON – Arts & Crafts has announced a brand new photography exhibit with Toronto-based celebrity and fashion photographer Norman Wong, chronicling label artists over the past 10 years. The original black-and-white portrait series features iconic favourite and never-before-seen shots of artists such as Kevin Drew, Leslie Feist, Dan Mangan and numerous other A&C talents, as well as a special archival collection of personal, candid shots taken by Wong during A&C tours, concerts and photography sessions. The exhibit will open Thursday, May 23 and run until Saturday, June 15 at 1093 Queen St. W. (Unit 2), and will also show at Field Trip Music & Arts Festival and the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival.

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Hyun – Rocking On Empty

“Hyun invites you to the opening of her show ROCKING ON EMPTY on Friday 22 March 7-9 pm at Fowler Arts Collective. ROCKING ON EMPTY features sculptural assemblage; discarded mechanical parts and other found objects, often combined with rock and roll memorabilia and inscribed with phrase such as “Rocking on Empty” or “Hunky Funky Junky”. All of the works in the exhibition retain the sense of the living streets and situations from where these elements came.” – Hyun

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HYUN poster1


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Peter Gronquist – Taxidermy

We’ve posted up Peter Gronquist‘s work because with his high-end fashion designer heavy artillery. The notion of weaponry and haute-couture seem to be a recurring theme and there’s definitely something so interesting and appropriate about it. In these sculptures he uses the antlers of the deceased animal to be a platform for the weaponry.

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Barbara Kruger – Typographic Installation

If you haven’t heard of Barbara Kruger then you probably don’t even look at this site because you don’t care about art. Kruger’s been at the forefront of conceptual art for decades. This new black and white typography installation definitely creates discussion as almost all of her work does.

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