Haroshi – Battle At The Berrics 6 Trophy

Haroshi, the extremely popular recycled skateboard artist has recently completed the new trophy for the Battle At The Berrics 6 skateboard competition. The trophy has a hand appropriately giving the finger on a plinth that says BATB 6.

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ARYZ @ FIFTY24SF – “Style Is The Limit” [Teaser]

Juxtapoz stopped by FIFTY24SF Gallery in San Francisco a couple of days ago to say “hello” to their January cover artist ARYZ and snap a couple of teaser shots for the fans as he prepares for his new solo show, “Style Is The Limit”, opening this Friday, April 19th.

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At Gowanus Canal -Turning Toxic Waste Into Art

“New York’s Gowanus Canal is notoriously toxic — full of dangerous chemicals, industrial waste, and yes, poop. It reeks in the summer and lives in the popular imagination as the perfect dumping ground for dead bodies. No plant or animal life can survive in it for long. This tends to inspire two kinds of images: gritty photos of the filth and pollution, and scenic landscapes that try not to dwell too long on the former.” – Storyboard

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Azores – Live At The Loft

Azores is an up-and-coming Canadian band from Toronto that is due to blow up.

EP07 Azores “Force The Face” from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.

EP07 Azores “Quiet Kids” from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.

Azores “Factories” from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.