Askew One – New Mural in Mt Maunganui

One of our favourite people on the planet, Askew One, recently got busy in Mt Maunganui where he painted another giant and beautiful portrait. Using his signature expressive background and highly rendered white face, the Auckland based artist nails it again.


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Kelly Rule – Humorous Illustrations

Kelly Rule, at the ripe age of 24, recently quit his job to focus entirely on his artistic dream. Auckland’s cheeky young creative is causing hype and hilarity across the oceans with his bright, witty and uncouth acrylic artworks. Kelly is enjoying his successes with various international exhibitions and having his work featured in homes, studios and magazines across the globe. His twisted humour with a direct visual punch is hard to miss. He works predominantly with bright coloured acrylics with minimal detail to greatly express the moral of his work.”


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Askew One – Studio Visit

We have been on the road down under and our first stop was in Auckland, New Zealand where we got a chance to meet up with the infamous Askew One of the MSK and TMD crews. We had a nice evening checking out his studio and getting a chance to talk to the man himself about a lot of amazing topics. Check out a few images from our trip to his amazing studio in Auckland.

photo 2

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