Obie Platon – Walk&Talk Azores Festival

Recently invited to Walk&Talk Azores Festival in the Island of São Miguel, Romanian artist Obie Platon painted a large mural entitled “Platonic Forms Story”, which is now part of the festival’s Public Art Circuit. The mural presents the five characters created by the artist over the past 14 years. Since 2000, his work evolved around five unique and varied styles, each corresponding to a geometric shape of the Greek philosopher Plato – the platonic forms – and inspired by the earth, water, fire, air and the universe.

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Writing Wednesday – “The Slides Burnt Our Lips”

David Dean is back for Writing Wednesday with a new beautiful short story entitled “The Slides Burnt Our Lips”. Read, imagine and enjoy. Photograph: Warren Haas

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Azores – “Gold Pens”

We here at Bizarre Beyond Belief had a chance to work (again) with the fantastic band Azores from Toronto. We got to follow them around to shoot a video for their hard-hitting song “Gold Pens” from their “Live From Hoboken” album. This album is also for sale on their bandcamp page with all proceeds being donated to hurricane Sandy relief. We hope you enjoy the video and support an amazing cause.

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Feature – Azores

In light of the first issue coming out, we figured it would be a good idea to feature each artist throughout the upcoming days. We here are lucky enough to say we know Azores personally. It’s inevitable that they’re gonna blow up. We just hope they remember us!

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BizarreBeyondBelief Vol. Issue #1

Hart Goetze, PardonLeDopeness, Lush, Azores, Warren Haas, Outclass Attire, Mozy UNC and Aaron Li-Hill kick off the first issue of BizarreBeyondBelief!