Sam Gibbons – Various Paintings

Sam Gibbons is a Baltimore based fine artist who received a BFA at Kent State University and MFA at Hunter College in New York who creates brilliant painting and installation work. With a strong inspiration in pop art and cartoon images, Gibbons’ intricate and detailed aesthetic is juxtaposed beautifully with often soft colour palettes.


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BirdO – New Murals in Baltimore & Miami

Our man BirdO recently did a brief road trip through a portion of the United States and fired over some new images. The homie got busy out in Baltimore and for his first ever Art Basel, knocked out two amazing pieces. Peep the science after the jump!


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Ahn Chulhyun – Light Installations

Baltimore-based artist Ahn Chulhyun works with fluorescent tube lights, plywood and mirrors to create optical illusions that transcend both time and space. The artist’s rendering of space elicits contemplation into the deep abyss – exploring the physical and spiritual.

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