Mr Aryz – New Mural in Bangkok

Mr. Aryz is currently out in Thailand where he, among many others, have been crushing it for the Bukruk Street Art Festival. This time around, the Spanish muralist painted a beautiful new piece of bicycles featuring his signature colour palette and style.


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Nychos – New Mural in Bangkok

Infamous Austrian artist Nychos was recently out in Thailand where he wrapped up another incredible mural. This time around, the graffiti legends painted a giant rubber ducky for the Bukruk Street Art Festival that’s plastic skin has melted away and you can see what the bathtub toy is truly made out of.

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ROA – Elephants

Street artist ROA is currently in Southeast Asia where he got busy on a giant wall entitled “Elephants.” The Belgian muralist went huge, spanning almost four stories of an old building with two elephants stacked on top of one another. The piece painting in Bangkok features his brilliant black and white highly rendered aesthetic and is said to promote awareness about the endangered species.

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