Case Maclaim – New Mural in Switzerland

Case from the Ma’Claim crew recently stopped by Switzerland where he managed to paint another striking piece of hyper realistic hand. In town alongside friends Robin and Smash137, the German artist quickly worked his way through this mural on the streets of Basel.

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KEMS 3A – Graff Toyz Time-Lapse

KEMS of the 3A Crew out of Boston, has recently done a little piece on a 8 foot plexiglass version of a subway car for the company, Graff Toyz. The piece was done during Art Basel Miami last year. One more click for the business.

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Ewok Video Blog 78 feat. SP.One and Jick – Miami

Ewok’s back with a new instalment of his video blog. This video features him painting the Oggetti Building in Miami’s Wynwood District during Art Basel this past December friends SP.One, Jick Imok, oh, and Lenny Kravitz.

Holton Rower – Pour Performance

As you know Holton Rower does these extravagant pour paintings that are massive and colourful. They seem to resemble like a bright and vibrant tree stump, each grain being a new colour. Here, he decided to use a woman and not a canvas to create a performance masterpiece.

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