Ben Mor – Os Gemeos

Ben Mor presents an short film about the infamous street art duo Os Gemeos. Mr. Mor incorporates their work into a surreal dreamlike animation, which brilliantly presents the work of the Brazilian artists alongside his unconventional documentation method.

Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 7.09.50 AM

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Ben Long – Dirty Truck Murals

UK artist Ben Long has created a series entitled ‘The Great Traveling Art Exhibit’, where he “paints” elaborate images on dirty the back doors of trucks. The ongoing project aims to bring art to the public and make it more relatable than the elitist nature of large museums and galleries.

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Ben Dehaan – Uncured

Ben Dehaan prints portraits using UV sensitive inks that cure (or dry) when exposed to UV light. Dehaan doesn’t dry his prints, instead he leaves them to allow the ink to run. On his website, he’s got a video time-lapse capturing the process. The portraits produced then become abstract, using this brave technique.

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