Bezt Etam – New Mural in Mannheim

Polish street artist Bezt of the Etam Cru recently made his way out to Germany for the Stadt.Wand.Kunst urban art project where he painted a new piece entitled “Europe”. The large scale piece on the streets of Mannheim features somber and veiled women, which can be interpreted a number of ways.


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Bezt ETAM – Meeting Her Parents

Polish artist Bezt of the ETAM Cru recently made his way out to Denmark where he painted a massive new mural entitled “Meeting Her Parents.” The muralist took up the whole facade of a building in Aalborg, which featured a young man with flowers behind his back.


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Etam Cru – New Mural in Los Angeles

After a successful and sold out exhibition in Los Angeles at Thinkspace Gallery entitled “Galimatias”, Sainer & Bezt aka Etam Cru crushed a six story high mural. Presented by the good people of at Thinkspace Gallery and Branded Arts, the Polish duo named the piece Mr. Rooster and is located in the downtown Flower District.

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Etam Cru – “Galimatias” @ Thinkspace Art Gallery

Thinkspace Art Gallery is pleased to present the very first Los Angeles exhibition of renowned Polish duo Etam Cru, in Galimatias. Considered two of the best muralists working in the world, Etam Cru is made up of individual artists Bezt and Sainer. They began making work as a pair in art school, both 2012 graduates of The Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland, and have embraced a playful irreverence in their sensibility ever since. Bezt and Sainer have been refining their synchronistic style as Etam Cru, inspired by many of the same interests and themes, while developing their individual voices in tandem. Working collaboratively on site-specific public murals, the duo prefer to work independently on their respective exhibition works, allowing each to define their own use of space. The rapport and connection between their individual styles and approach is clear, however, as each draws the viewer into an intoxicating world of surreal fantasy, folklore, and graphic precision. The show is on currently on display and goes until January 16, 2016.


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Etam Cru – New mural for Wonderwalls

The Polish graffiti duo the Etam Cru which consists of Sainer and BEZT are currently in Australia where they were invited to paint a giant mural. The boys in Port Adelaide for Wonderwalls Festival go large and in charge like almost every other piece they create.

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