Motorcycle Monday – El Solitario “Winning Loser”

Damn it’s been far too long that we’ve done one of these. According to BikeExif this is what they say about the bike: “This is the bike that El Solitario cut their teeth on: It was created for the Metamorfosis Masiva, a Spanish garage builders’ contest. There were just two rules: the donor bike had to be an SR250, and you were only allowed to spend €1,000 on parts—around US$1,300.”

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Motorcycle Monday

Vintage 1954 Sunbeam Motorcycle. This particular machine, shot by Benoit Guerry, was built in 1954. It’s a hybrid or “bitsa”, a mix of parts from both the S7 and S8 models. The frame is from the S8, whereas the engine and body panels are from the S7. (Purists will recognize the sprung seat from an S8; the S7 seat is cantilevered, with springs are hidden from view.)

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