Juliana Chuan – Mosaic 8 Bits

Juliana Chuan is a graphic designer and artist based in Florianopolis, Brazil. Chuan creates a lot of fantastic work but in her recent project “Mosaic 8 Bits” she took a page out of French street artist Invader’s book and created 8 Bit mosaic tiles left for the streets.

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Connor Harrington – A Whole Lot of Trouble for a Little Bit of Win

One of our favourites Connor Harrington‘s got a new series of paintings out entitled “A Whole Lot of Trouble for a Little Bit of Win”. They’re exceptionally beautiful and for our viewing pleasure the staging for the paintings were filmed by João Retorta and looks like a boat load of fun. Video after the jump!

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Matt W. Moore – Vincci Bit Hotel Barcelona

Matt W. Moore is an abstract painter who uses tape and spray-paint to create stunning visual work. Moore recently worked at Vincci Bit Hotel in Barcelona, which took 2 weeks and 14 gallons of paint.

Matt W. Moore : Vincci Bit Barcelona from TNT on Vimeo.

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