Bizarre Beyond Belief Issue #9

After an absurd amount of personal and technical difficulties, we’re back with issue number 9. Launching on Canada Day, what better way to celebrate than to have an issue comprising entirely of Canadians. With incredible talent from coast to coast that features the likes of ASESR, Norman Wong, NAKS, Kevin Ledo, ORDR, SERVO and a recap of the Montreal Mural Festival, the latest instalment of BBB is guaranteed to please.



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Akatre – Bizarre Photography

There’s absolutely no information that we’ve found on the artist Akatre other than his or her Tumblr page. However, the works on the page are awesomely strange. Looks like mainly portrait photography work with some serious flare. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

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Bizarre Beyond Belief – Issue #8

The wait for the great eight is over! In another double-pressed issue with a variety of incredible artists that are finely tuned and well respected painters in their practice, issue number eight of Bizarre Beyond Belief will have your eyes oozing with pleasure. With artists such as MOTEL6 [GH], Alex Bierk, JNasty [Die By The Can], Marc Gooderham, John Reuss, Adam “CODAK” Smith, Ruben Pang and DOES of LoveLetters, this hundred and four page issue will leave you wanting more and more. Click the LINK or on the image for the science.



Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine Shop – NOW OPEN!

We here at Bizarre Beyond Belief love y’all so much we decided to bring some tangible items to the table and not just something you flip through on your computer during your spare time. We have now opened ourselves a little shop where you can purchase some limited run T-shirts and some goodie bags at some very fair prices. Big thanks to all of our supporters for helping bring this come the ground up. We can’t thank you enough. – BBB



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Bizarre Beyond Belief – Volume. 1 Issue #6

To close out 2012 Bizarre Beyond Belief Issue 6 is over 70 pages of colourful creations. A more graffiti-centric issue than before we have artists such as SNEAK, Pierre-Paul Pariseau, BOGUS, Michael Carini, STUE76, Todd Mazer and BIZ 360. This issue is guaranteed to please.


Art Institute of Boston – Interview

It’s quite ironic that the interviewer has become the interviewee in this case, but if you care to see what Bizarre Beyond Belief has to say on a number of issues head over to the Art Institute of Boston’s Illustration blog where we answered some questions accompanied with a bit of visuals for the cool dudes out there. Thanks a lot AIB and keep up the good work! Read the full thing HERE.

Feature – REMI/ROUGH

Here’s another excerpt from the 3rd Issue with the unbelievably talented REMI/ROUGH. Not only is he one of our absolute favourites, but also such a nice guy with some mighty interesting stuff to say. We’re sure you will enjoy this interview.

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Feature – SMUG GH LSD

We here have been lucky enough to know SMUG GH LSD for a few years now and he’s just aces all across the board. Style and personality, he’s top-notch. Here’s an excerpt from the third issue we have yet to post. Enjoy!

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Double-Pressed 4th Issue of Bizarre Beyond Belief

Nearly 90 pages of solid gold in a double-pressed 4th issue. Mind-blowing talents have graced the pages of BBB such as The CA-Crew, Simon Monk, SKARY, Juan Carlos Noria, SWEAR1, Block By Block Ink, Mark Lyken and the intergalactic heavy metal band Gwar.