Georgia Hill – Black & White Typography Murals

Georgia Hill is an illustrator and artist, specialising in hand drawn type based artworks that combine bold, monochromatic textures and lettering within experimental compositions.

Using a range of mediums, her focus lies in generating deliberately open ended letter based artworks that can be read in terms of connections and relationships, time, place and community. These impressions are all shaped by the viewers own personal experiences, creating a moment of reflection in these heavily detailed, often excessive compositions.


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Pokras Lampas – Calligraffiti

Pokras Lampas is a modern calligraphy artist and calligraffiti ambassador who is based in St Petersburg, Russia. Lampas focuses on the intricate typography aspects of calligraphy done generally in black and white on canvas.


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Kyle Bryant – BCN

Inspired by the the architecture and street culture of BCN (Barcelona), illustrator Kyle Bryant has create project “Bryant’s Cultural Narrative” with every single other title bearing a BCN acronym. All of the prints are hand drawn, hand carved, and hand printed, on 250g 50cm x 70cm paper.

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Janol Apin – Metro Stations

French photographer, Janol Apin, created a brilliant photography series in the Paris metro stations but setting up scenes relevant to each subway stations name. In other words, the stations name directly correlates to what the subject or subjects are acting out in the photograph. It may not make perfect sense if you do not speak French, but you can always use an online translator.

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