Matt Arbuckle – Photography

Matt Arbuckle is a close friend and ex-studio colleague of the infamous ASKEW. He’s now based in Berlin and has a wide range of great photography work on his website and tumblr.

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Jean Yves Lemoigne – Black Bodysuit

Jean-Yves Lemoigne’s photography ranges from pixelated women to homeless unicorn people. His images are always surreal and thought provoking. These hilarious images of men in black bodysuits doing everyday activities and playing devil’s advocate are just as beautiful and witty as his other works.

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Nydia Lilian – Outside World

Nydia Lilian‘s “Outside World” series is like a tasteful black and white kaleidoscope of insects. Most people are afraid of these damn things, but she made them so frickin’ pretty to look at. Maybe she’ll cure fears with these works!

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