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Australian graffiti juggernaut SOFLES was recently in Paris, France where he got a ton of work done. In the video that follows, it’s got the man crushing trucks, walls and pull downs with some special guests. More flicks and video after the jump!

Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 11.51.31 AM
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Lila is a special and unique graffiti video featuring a ton of trains on the outskirts of Malmö. Train writers from local crews such as MRD and OBH crush lay ups in Sweden but also crews from Berlin, Copenhagen, Vienna, Paris and Italy do their thing. Peep some flicks and the hour long video after the jump!

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Los Angeles graffiti artist BUGE recently got down on a billboard high above the city. In his signature way, BUGE rocked a a grimy styled piece incorporating the advertisement of the billboard in the background. Peep the video after the click!

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About a year and a half ago 4608 Vandalism released their first DVD, ‘Wolume 1, a 120 min train-action dvd with focus on Stockholm based WOL crew. This year they have been putting in a lot of work to overshine that release. In September they’ll release of the sequel ‘Wolume 2 in memory of our brother Asoc. This time 4608 thought that instead of making a regular 2 min trailer with random clips from the upcoming film they decided to give a little extra and made a 10 minute ‘pre-episode’ of the clips that they didn’t manage to squeeze into the upcoming DVD. Watch the pre-episode after the jump!

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In a new video series entitled “NYC Box Truck”, Mass Appeal, in association with NIKE, takes an in depth look at New York City graffiti artists and their upbringing. The artists are follow around by Will Robson-Scott, who splices in fantastic footage of them painting Box Trucks while discussing growing up. Watch a number of videos after the jump!


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